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AWARENESS Mentor Program© 2006 – 2015

After the youth below graduated high school the Mentoring program ended.

The Mentoring Program was created in 2006 as a result of an underage drinking party. After a lack of empathy from parents teens started the program to change the culture for future generations.

Mentors Car Wash Hurley Ridge Market

2012 Mentors

What is AWARENESS Mentoring?

AWARENESS is a recreational prevention mentoring program that “uses the power of cool” to change the culture of substance abuse among teenagers. In Awareness, teams of trained and supervised high school students model pro-social skills to 7th and 8th graders during recreational activities that serve as healthy alternatives to substance abuse, while building community.

Goal: To empower teens to “own” the negative consequences of the problem caused by underage drinking, especially binge drinking, and begin to solve it. To empower teens to change the teenage culture of alcohol and other substance abuse by making it less cool to get drunk and more cool to do other fun things.

Population Targeted:  Multiples teams of at least twelve high school students and up to 35 middle school students who represent economically, ethnically, physically and socially diverse groups that include at-risk and achieving students per group.

Training:  A Mental Health Trainer teaches the high school students how to actively listen non-judgmentally, build self confidence, interact, plan, lead and participate in activities with Middle School age student’s to promote substance free fun events. They also are provided alcohol awareness education which they later use to make alcohol awareness “commercials” with the younger students, as one of the fun activities. They are taught how to lead cooperative games and self-growth activities.

AWARENESS is a mentoring program focusing on building relationships that meet the developmental needs of youth. This serves as another protective factor against substance abuse. As mentors are trained to help others, they become more aware of their own strengths and resources as well as the unhealthy aspects of their personal and cultural relationship to alcohol.

The AWARENESS Program will be using 2 Mentors to 4 youth ratio so that we can maximize more one to one contact within the group.This group has an Administrator that is a High School Senior. There are two Coordinators per High School grade level. It is set up so that the underclassmen coordinators shadow and work within the group with the intent of aging up to the Senior Coordinating positions.


Other activities:

Cancer Walk with Woodstock Baseball League, November 2011


Paul’s Farm Pumpkin picking, November 2012





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  • Marie Shultis Adult Administrator       845-417-1484
  • Executive Committee Coordinators 2011 – 2012
  • Alphabetical Order
  • Sal D’Ottavio: Director of Administration
  • Travis Freer: Director of Meetings
  • Issac Gustason: Director of Event Planning
  • John Hagedorn: Director of Operations
  • Lauren Havens: Director of Affairs
  • Elyssia Johnan: Director of Fundraising
  • Katie Klerker: Director of Group Communication
  • Mikey Shultis: Director of Finances
  • Bobby Volk: Secretary



Program Coordinators:
Senior Coordinators 2006                             

  • GJ Haaland – SUNY Ulster Community College
  • Sarah Lovetre – TC 3 Corrtland          

Mentors  2006   

  • Becky Shultis – LeMoyne College Syracuse -Graduate School
  • Megan VanGorden – St Michaels College Vermont

Administrator:   2006 – 2008                                                            

  • Stephan Bielecki – Hunter College

Senior Coordinators 2007 – 2008                                  

  • Rose Hallinan – SUNY Oneonta – St Johns University

Senior Coordinators: 2008 – 2009

  • Deanndra Shultis SUNY UCCC               

Senior Mentor 

  • Molly Rust -The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

Junior Mentor

  • Kaleigh Neu – University of Vermont
  • Erin Jaworski-University of NY at Geneseo

Senior Coordinator2010-2011

  • Kris Hallinan –  Marist College                                                                                                                                      

Senior Coordinators:

  • J’nae Gibbs – Vassar College
  • Jake Weissman – Bard College

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