AWARENESS Alcohol Program

The Awareness Program was formed in 2007 when teen Mentors reached out to their peers that were involved in a fatal drunk driving car crash on prom night that took the life of their friend.


Using peer to peer education, we have separate age groups to keep youth in with the same risk level. High school students ages 16 – 18,  college students and 18-25 year olds currently meet in New Paltz. We have created an 8 week  non-judgmental peer-to – peer education program addressing behavioral health for youth ages 16 – 25 to help them identify if behavior modification is needed.

AWARENESS Mentor Program© 2006 – 2015

After the youth below graduated high school the Mentoring program ended. The Mentoring Program was created in 2006 as a result of an underage drinking party. After a lack of empathy from parents teens started the program to change the culture for future generations.

Mentors Car Wash Hurley Ridge Market

AWARENESS is a teen initiated prevention program in Ulster County with adult guidance. It is aimed at giving middle school youth alternative activities provided by High School students who complete a training created by Ulster County Mental Health Association to promote pro-social skills during recreational activities that constitute healthy alternatives to drug and alcohol use.

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